Our best selling Skates and Ice Gear

Softec ST6100 Sport (Womens)


Bauer NSX Senior Hockey Skates


Vapor 1X Lite Composite Mini Stick

Supreme S27




Jackson Softec Diva


Vapor X600


Vapor X500


Vapor X400


Vapor X300


Prodigy Helmet Combo – Youth

Brubeck Ski Force Socks (women)

Jackson 150 Figure Skate

Bauer 4500 Helmet

Bauer LIL’ SPORT COMBO Helmet – Youth

Bauer IMS 5.0 Hockey Helmet Combo

Veba Kevlar Skate Sock

Bauer NLP7 Neckguard Collar

Howies Skate Guards


Howies Hockey Fine Skate Stone


Howies Skate Laces


Howies Hockey Stick Wax


Jackson Softskate 180

Jackson Rave Women’s RV2000


Jackson EXCEL 1290


Graf G5035 Premier Hockey Skates


Graf G1035 Hockey Skates


Risport Antea C Blade

Risport RF LightBlade Sterling


Wipe n Dry


Elite Pro-Skate Guard

Jackson Skate Bag


Jackson Glacier Figure Skate


Bauer Recreational Ice Fast (Women’s)


Bauer Recreational Ice Flow (women’s)

Graf 709s Hockey Skates


Bauer LiL Angel

Bauer LiL Champ

Dominion Comfort Figure Skates



Our hockey skate selection includes Bauer, RBK, Easton, Graf, and most of the major brands. We’ve helped hockey players across Toronto find the brand that best fits their foot and their skating needs.

We don’t guess on skate fit! We will size your feet and offer options for you.

Newson’s has been providing Hockey players with their skates and gear since the 40’s. We know hockey, we know skates. We also know that skates can last generations, we have over 2000 pairs of second hand skates, and hundreds of pairs of new skates.

Whatever your size, whatever your position and budget, we have the skates for you.


At Newson’s, we cater to all types of figure skaters.

From entry level quality, all the way to a pair that would be suitable for Olympic competition.

RISPORT, EDEA, JACKSON, GAM, WIFA, RIEDELL are a few brands you will find in our shop.

We have good relationships with figure skating clubs around the GTA. A lot of coaches and clubs trust our experience and selection of high quality figure skates, as well as our top notch sharpening and repair services.

We are also equipped to do some custom fitting, punching out – anything to make your skates more comfy.

Come in and see for yourself!


How Newson’s Skate Exchange Program Works

Bring in the figure or hockey skates your child has outgrown. Pick a better size, fit or make and Newson’s will give you credit towards the new purchase – whether it’s a new or used pair of skates.

With our skate exchange, we generally do a “one for one” trade – meaning we will accept one pair of skates for every pair that you buy. We prefer to trade skates and hockey equipment in season.

Newson’s accepts all skates based on condition of the skate and demand for them, meaning we reserve the right to refuse certain items.


Hockey Gear