Aither 700 x 40C Airless Bicycle Tire by Tannus


The 700x40c AITHER  Solid Tire by Tannus, the most advanced Airless Bicycle Tire in the world.

100% Flat Free

The perfect hardness (100-110psi equivalent), incredible grip and low rolling resistance.

The 40c Aither is compatible with most modern road and city bicycles with 28” wheels and ETRTO (inner rim width) of 19-21mm.

lightweight: gr
amazing grip and handling
100% flat free
UV/Outdoor proof
maintenance free




Aither Tannus 700x40c AirlessTire

The 700x40c

The most modern solid tyre in the world. Aither 1.1 R-Grade:

The perfect hardness (100psi equivalent), incredible grip and extremely low rolling resistance, finally offers 1 compound for all riders.

The Nano Technology Foam “Aither” patented by Tannus is engineered to provide maximum comfort, minimum rolling resistance and extreme durability. All Tannus tires are rigorously tested to survive at least 6000 miles(9000km), but we have seen them do much more. Once installed, the tires do not require any attention, no pump as they never go flat, they never change pressure, and always guarantee uniform performance on all surface conditions throughout their life span. Ride Tannus Solid Tires like you would any other tyre, wet or dry, fast or slow, on a light bike, or fully weighed down on a cycling tour, the Tannus tires can do it all, without any bad surprises.

Unlike ANY other bicycle tire in the world, Tannus Solid Tires are TÜV Safety certified meaning they offer what no other tire can, 100% reliability, and Safety. The patented Locking Pin System ensures the tire will always stay on the rim, and the nano tech Aither guarantees incredible traction and shock absorption.

The 40mm wide Tannus Solid Tyre offers puncture free riding for hybrid style bicycles with 28″ wheels. Perfect for urban and rural riding, commuting, touring, and all other forms of stress free cycling. Inner rim width requirement (19-21mm)

The 40mm tire width means it will be a perfect upgrade for most modern “29er” and “hybrid” bikes, converting them into a reliable puncture friendly machines, the pump, tire levers and spare tube you can now leave at home forever.

Each Tannus tire comes with all necessary tools and fitting instructions for home installation, however it is recommended that it be fitted by a licensed Tannus fitting service to guarantee safety and performance. If you do decide to fit them yourself make sure your wheel is trued, in proper working order, with all spokes properly tensioned and, if necessary repair the wheel before fitting. Make sure to follow the provided instructions very carefully.

It is important to make sure that the Tannus tire you want will fit your rim.

Check for Locking Pin sizes that will fit your rim.

The width of your rim is one of the most important factors when determining which Tannus tire is right for you. Each Tannus tire model and size comes with different sets of locking pins for mounting the tire to the rim. Below is a chart of the locking pin sizes that come with each tire. Select a tire that comes with locking pins that are approximately 3.5 mm wider (give or take 1mm) than the INNER width of your bike rim.

Check the tire size.

Matching the tire size to what is currently on your bike is a good place to start, but you may need to select a Tannus tire that is slightly wider or narrower to fit your rim.  When in doubt, go with the narrower tire since it will be easier to install.

Tires generally have their size listed in two formats on the sidewall. First is the size in inches or cm, second is the ISO or ETRTO size. Using the ETRTO size number from your tire tends to be more accurate and less confusing. A tire with an ETRTO size marked 37-622 indicates the width of 37 mm and the tire inner diameter of 622 mm. This designation is clear and allows an unequivocal match with the corresponding rim size.

A Tannus tire needs to fit snugly into your rim to ensure a safe ride and proper mounting.

If your rim looks like it will use the smallest locking pins that comes with the tire, it will be more difficult to install. This is because the bottom part of the tire that gets pressed into the rim is a fixed width, and the narrower the rim the more work you will have to do to “tuck” the tire in under the clincher part of your rim. For narrower rims, we recommend purchasing the Installation Pliers ( P-Tool) if you are planning to do the install yourself. This tool helps to apply more pressure to the Locking Pins with less hand strength.

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Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 10 cm
Colour 2.0