Blackburn Luminate 360 Light Set


Being seen from all angles has never been easier.

We understand being able to see in the dark is important, but we also believe that so is being visible to cars. A recent study by the national highway traffic safety administration (nhtsa) showed 27% of bicycle accidents are side impacts and 30% of fatalities occur in intersections (between 2010-2017). With the luminate 360 set, being seen from all angles while cycling has never been easier. The grid side beacon was imagined to work in with head/tail lights to keep you more visible from a full 360 degrees. While the grid side beacon can be used as a stand alone light, we believe it works best as part of our luminate 360 light set. The dayblazer 400 front light and the 65 rear, are spec’d with blitz mode to keep you bright enough to be seen, day or night.

We developed the Grid Side Beacon to work in concert with front and rear lights to help you be seen from all angles. Teaming those side lights with our best-selling Dayblazer 400 front light and our Dayblazer 65 rear light gets you the Luminate 360, the most eye-catching light set in our lineup.


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Product Weight 165 grams (front 59g, rear 48g, side 58g)
ANSI Standard This standard was created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide consistent performance measurements for handheld lights.
Brightness Up to 400 lumens front, Up to 65 lumens rear, Up to 85 lumens side
Run Time
  • Blitz mode (front): 1 hour at 400 lumens
    Low mode (front): 1.5 hours at 200 lumens
    Pulse mode (front): 6 hours at 200 lumens
    Strobe mode (front): 10 hours at 200 lumens
    Solid mode (rear): 1 hour at 50 lumens
    High flash/Strobe mode (rear): 3 hours at 65 lumens
    Low flash/Strobe mode (rear): 6 hours at 35 lumens
    High solid mode (side): 1.5 hours at 85 lumens
    Low solid mode (side): 3 hours at 50 lumens
    High flash mode (side): 3 hours at 85 lumens
    Low strobe mode (side): 6 hours at 50 lumens
Water Resistance IP-65 submersible – Ingress protection rating or “IP Rating,” is a techy way to describe the level of water- and dust-proofness of a product. This light meets the IP-65 Standard, which means it is totally protected against dust/grit and protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction.
Mounting Options Swivel mount – A rotating mount allows the light to be adjusted to center on the road! This versatile silicone mount fits handlebars from 22–35mm and can be used to strap to some helmets., Versatile mounting system – Round seat posts, aero posts, seat stays or loops on bags/clothes (with the built-in wire clip) are all fair game for mounting the DAYBLAZER rear light thanks to its unique and reconfigurable bracket interface
Recharge Time 3-hour recharge front, 2-hour recharge rear, 2 hours side
Warranty 2-Year Warranty Provision for Battery Or Electrically Powered Products, Product Components, and Accessories for Such Products