Skate Rental Information

We are currently providing two different options for skate rental: the Softec Sport, which has the same blade & feel as a hockey skate, and the Softec Vista, which has the same blade & feel as a figure skate. In both cases, these recreational skates have added comfort and warmth which make them perfect for a day out on the ice. *Note – these are for recreational skating only. Do not use these to play any form of hockey, including shinny.

Pricing: $25.00/day (for the first day), with an additional $5.00 for each following day if desired.
If the skates are returned late, there is a $10.00 per day late fee.

** Credit Card is required for $165 per-authorization **

All skates will be sharpened before rentals, and they are rented with guards included.

Softec Sport


Availability Size: 6 -12


The Softec Sport fits comparable to men’s shoe sizes or 1.5-2 sizes down from women’s shoe sizes.

Softec Vista


Availability Size: 5 – 10


Softec Vista fits comparable to women’s shoe sizes.