Bar Mitts


  • Waterproof, 5 mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination on each side
  • Those who suffer from Raynaud’s or numb, cold hands due to the cold, wind, rain or snow can continue to ride and train through fall & winter
  • Bar Mitts stay open allowing easy access & removal of hands
  • Easily installed & removed. Has an inside velcro cinch that attaches around the handlebars which keeps the Mitts in place
  • Can open zipper to cool off if you get overheated
  • S/M is the original one size fits all. 10″ wide by shifters/brakes & 11″ long. Used with or without lighter/thinner glove liners or fingers gloves
  • Large is 10.5″ wide by shifters/brakes, 12″ long & has a 1″ gusset (extra neoprene) on the inside & outside seam
  • XL is 11″ wide by shifters/brakes, 13.25″ long & has a 1′ gusset (extra neoprene) on the inside & outside seam
  • Large & XL Mitts are designed to accommodate thicker/heavier gloves, but thin liners can be used also
  • Mitts are also available to accommodate Bar Ends (2 holes) or a Bar End Mirror (1 hole)
  • Reflective material on seam & log
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Additional information
Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 10 cm

Flat Bar, Drop Bar (Internal Cable)


S/M, XL, L, M