Newson’s has a Bike Trade-in (Exchange) Program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring in the bike that you want to trade in.

  2. Select a new (or used) bike from our inventory

  3. We give you credit towards a new-to-you bike

We Buy, Sell & Trade Figure & Hockey Skates, New & Used

Our hockey skate selection includes Bauer, RBK, Easton, Graf (used only) and most of the major brands. We’ve helped hockey players and figure skaters across Toronto find the brand that best fits their foot and their skating needs. We don’t guess on skate fit! We will size your feet and offer options for you.

Come in to see our wide selection of new and used figure skates and hockey skates

We Buy, Sell and Trade Hockey Equipment and Hockey Accessories Including

  • Custom orders of Hockey jerseys (Athletic Knit)
  • Custom orders on Figure Skating outfits and accessories

How Newson’s Skate Exchange Program Works

  1. Bring in the figure or hockey skates your child has outgrown. Pick a better size, fit or make and Newson’s will give you credit towards the new purchase – whether it’s a new or used pair of skates.
  2. With our skate exchange, we generally do a “one for one” trade – meaning we will accept one pair of skates for every pair that you buy. We prefer to trade skates and hockey equipment in season.
  3. Newson’s accepts all skates based on condition of the skate and demand for them, meaning we reserve the right to refuse certain items.